PT-db Launch @ Bodypower Expo in Birmingham 2019

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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My wife and I launched our new website this year at BodyPower's annual exhibition in Birmingham in May 2019.  We got to network with many different people in the fitness industry which was great to showcase our new website and tell them exactly what it is, how it will increase visibility to their business and thus potentially increase their customers and income. 

The main question everyone kept asking us was "If its free to sign up and use, how do we make money from it... what's in it for us, what's the catch?"  The answer is - advertising. 

It is completely free for the businesses and services within the fitness industry to sign-up for and start using.  The more traffic we can organically (and paid) drive to the website, the better our site will be as we can take these analytics to advertisers and show them the reach their product will get by advertising on our site.  Our main goal is to help gym owners, personal trainers and fitness classes increase their clients/members by having a profile on our site and being more searchable on the web - as not everyone knows their specific social media handle and some do not have a website.  This is where PT-db comes in - we aim to make your business/service searchable on the web to thousands of waiting customers.  We spend the time investing in SMO (social media optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization) to get profiles on our wesbite as high up on Google rankings as possible. 

Now-a-days, before anyone buys a product or service they first check the rating and user reviews, and this same system is what we've put in place for the fitness industry to help better connect customers to the right service they are searching for.

This is just the start for PT-db, the journey ahead looks an exciting one, and we cannot wait to get the word out there about the site and businesses start reaping the rewards from it.

If you would like any more info about the site or ourselves, please get in touch at

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