BNBF Northern Ireland Qualifier 2019 - Men's Novice Bodybuilding Champion

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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And just like that, five and a half months of dieting has come and gone, all the 04:30 starts, cardio twice a day along with strict dieting and consistent workouts no more... 

Was it all worth it? 

It sure was, and more! Not only because I ended up winning my category at the show (Novice Bodybuilding) but the process of getting as lean as possible and the things the journey teaches you physically, yes, but more mentally and spiritually. 

To be able to overcome cravings, be determined to see a goal through to the finish line and to stand on stage in front of a large onlooking crowd and be able to say I did it - whether an award was won at the end of it or not (that was just a bonus) were all enough reasons to grant it a personal victory. 

What next then?

Now to be able to transfer that same grit and determination into the other areas of my life will be a true test of character, but let's just say that this is just the beginning.

...stay tuned :)


PS. I'm the one in the blue posing trunks in the photo for this blog

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