Hard work.. Works! (physical transformation and body fat reduction for natural bodybuilding competition)

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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5.5 months of being in a caloric deficit and this is the result (transformation pic shown linked with this blog).

How was it done? By simply measuring my daily food intake using myfitnesspal and working out my macros (ratio of proteins, carbs and fats) and giving myself plenty of time to burn fat and try to preserve as much as muscle as possible.

Being consistent is the key. What gets measured gets managed, so your food diary is only ever going to be as good as the info your inputting into it - be honest with yourself. If you're in a caloric deficit you WILL lose weight as your body isn't intaking enough food to function so it has to get the energy from elsewhere - fat.  If our protein intake is sufficient, this will preserve muscle as much as possible and help burn fat only.

If you only need to be in a caloric deficit then why do cardio? Surely cardio burns fat? ..cardio burns calories which is energy. By doing cardio and burning say 400 calories in an hour walking my dog, that allows me essentially another meal in my day - and when dieting this is so valuable as calories decrease over the duration of your diet as you get leaner and leaner to continue to burn fat as your body adapts constantly to your lower weight and changed body fat levels... so any way to eat more calories and still be in a fat burning state is a win win.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog detailing my current shape/physique now I'm 1 week post show and how my 'rebound diet' has gone so far.. or not gone...

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