Day 2 of 7 mini-cut for photoshoot

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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Day 2 of 7 for my mini cut taking place for a photoshoot next Saturday!

Still feeling bloated - what to expect from eating 7k + calories a day for the 6 days straight after the show!

Currently on between 1600-1800 calories a day - yes its very low I know, especially Fats (15%) and the Carbs (50%) & Protein (35%) make up the remaining macros for my daily diet which you can follow me @Pmag13 on MyFitnessPal

The week after the show I'm guesstimating I consumed in the region of 45,000 calories... to put that into perspective, before the show I was consuming 1600-2000 (We'll say average 1800) per day.. thats only 12.5k a week... so my past week was the guts of 4 previous full weeks of dieting!! That was a huge spike in input and decreased output as I wasn't doing much cardio that week...

So this week that's flipped on its head, decreased input and huge increase on output to try to balance things out again - morning cardio 60mins, weight training 60mins and an evening treadmill session 60mins

*This is not sustainable for the long term as the calories are so low for the output required - but needs must with photoshoot date impending (keeping Protein high too to preserve muscle is key)

Follow tomorrow's blog for Day 3 of 7 mini-cut.


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