Day3 of 7 mini cut

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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Slightly late with this post but none the less its going up (consistency is key)

So the main pic for this blog I shared on my Instagram story, showing my macros - ratio of proteins, carbs and fats, all of which make up your daily total calorie allowance. It is this daily total of calories that is THEE most important factor when trying to lose weight (fat) or put on weight (build muscle) as the deficit or surplus calories will be used by the body to one or the other effect.

I've greatly reduced my calories now, much much lower than my standard would be in an 'attempt' to cut out the bloat/water/fat intake I've put on from the week following the show due to the hugh amount of excess calories I consumed that had no other place to go but to fill me out like a water balloon!

My macros are currently, 1800 calories per day - broken down into 50% Carbs, 35% Protein & 15% Fats.

I am a firm believer in keeping carbs and as many of them as possible in your diet for energy, especially around pre and post workouts to fuel and re-fuel your body for and after an intense session.

During this mini-cut I'm also walking our dog Zak in the mornings for roughly 60mins and doing evening cardio on the treadmill... with a weights session taking place for 45-60 mins each lunchtime... so my output is very high and intake very low at the moment so it is quite tough but I know its only for the very short term so that is what is currently keeping me going :) 

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