Day 4 of 7 of mini cut series

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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So this post should have been up yesterday... but I'm a day behind so I will get caught up with another blog post this evening for Day 5 of 7 

We're past the halfway mark of the mini-cut series and I'm not going to lie its really tough! lol

Tough because I'm coming off the back of 5.5 months of dieting and being so strict for so long has made me now want to pig out and eat everything in sight, and working in an office where few are into diet and training and forever bringing in buns and treats its hard to resist.  The positive thing is though that this mini cut isn't lasting for long and I don't need to be or want to be super shredded? ...Why not?

...because this photoshoot that my wife and I are doing is to promote circuits classes, diet plans and overall physical health and wellbeing. Being gaunt and feeling/looking awful from lack of energy and being extremely lean is a) not appealing b) not the message we want to give out and c) unrealistic for the market we are trying to target 

Up to lunchtime my diet and training were going great as was my morning weigh in @ 75.8kg which was down 1kg from the previous day, and my goal weight being around the 74.5kg mark for Saturday's photoshoot (more concerned about how I look and body composition than weight on the scales alone though)! My morning hour walk listening to podcasts and reflecting whilst walking my dog was done, then an intense 60mins chest session and arms session at lunch time followed, but when I returned to the office post workout (early afternoon) to see trays of sandwiches, traybakes and donuts left in the kitchen it all went a little pear shaped! My lack of self control kicked in. A couple of sandwiches and a few traybakes and couple of Tim Horton tim bits later and I will feeling like a burst sofa and already regretting the decision to eat so much.

To try to make amends for the slip up, I got a bus home after work which stopped 30mins away from my house to make me do extra cardio as well as jumping on the incline treadmill for over an hour later that evening along with skipping and chinups to try to expend more energy due to the high intake earlier - you can't outtrain a bad diet, and this was proof of it!

Stay tuned for this evenings hump day blog for day 5 of 7 of the mini-cut series to find out my weigh in after the excess calories and extra cardio and what I plan on doing to hit my 74.5kg target by Saturday

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