Day 5 of 7 of mini cut for Photoshoot

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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Current Day: Wednesday 26-06-19, Current weigh-in @77.5kg (ate around 2-3k of calories for lunch on Tuesday - inc. donuts and traybakes so the spike in my weigh-in was to be expected - tried to offset the surplus through cardio... and lots of it)

Photoshoot: Saturday 29-06-19, goal weigh-in @74.5kg

So we are 3 days out from the photoshoot, previous weigh-in up to today was going in the right direction at just over 75.5 kg, then all those surplus calories made this morning's weigh-in go back up +2kg so there is a bit of work to be done to try and get this target weight of 74.5 by Saturday, but we will try! 

There is quite a lot of fluctuation in my weight due to some days being on 1800 kcals with high output then other days of high kcals of 4000+ so this is the reason for this. Remember that it is all about energy balance, if you eat/input more than your body requires (to keep organs functioning etc) then it has no where to go or be used other than build/repair muscle and be stored as fat (amongst other things). Weight loss is easy - trying to burn fat and preserve muscle is much tougher as you need your macros set and adjusted correctly and to be measured daily for best results... 'what gets measured gets managed' as the old saying goes and it couldn't be more true when it comes to dieting.

Keep reading for tonight's/tomorrow's (still a day behind) 2 days out from photoshoot blog post which will include my last training session before the shoot, current weigh-in, macros/calories and updated progress pic of how I'm looking and feeling to see if I made any noticable dent in that spike weight of 77.5kg





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