Day 6 of 7 mini cut series

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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Weigh-in for Thursday morning looking a bit better @ 75.5kg, now only 1 kg off my target weight for Saturday's shoot

My calories are still in and around 1800 per day with x2 cardio sessions per day and x1 weights session

Carbs are still my highest macro at 50%, protein at 35% and fats at 15% - I've kept these same ratio's most of this mini cut except the day when I pigged out on lunch committing carbicide =P

If you're struggling to shift weight/fat, there are a number of things I will suggest first, before you even need to go near tracking your calories (although this is the most important factor), aim for 10,000 steps a day - so increase your output straight off the bat, you will not hit 10k steps a day without actively pursuing this target so its a good health/fitness daily goal to strive for, next on the list aim to drink everyday 2-3 litres of water, another simple easy change to make that will have huge benefits, and the third simple change you can start to make from today is make sure to get between 7-9 solid (unbroken if possible) hours of sleep per night! Do not let your lack of sleep build up then sleep all day at the weekend to recover and think its doing the same thing for your body in terms of rest, recovery and repair.

So there you have 3 simple things you can start to change and implement from TODAY! weigh yourself first thing in the morning either once a week or a few times a week and take the average and if you're losing weight great - stick at what you're doing! BUT... if your weight/fat loss starts to plateau then start to exercise if you do not already 2-3 times per week, and cut out snacking between meals and you may even need to start tracking your food but don't let that put you off its really not as hard as it sounds.

2 BIG Takeaway Points - Consistency (do these small things everyday - the add up to big things in the long run) & Enjoyment (enjoy the process and enjoy the results/rewards) 

"It's better to be consistently good than occasionally perfect"

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