Day 7 of 7 mini-cut series

  • 04-06-2019
  • Paul Magill
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Day 7 of mini cut... at long last (even though this mini cut was only a week.. just happened to be a week after 5.5 months of dieting and competing)

Calories for the final day were still restricted to sub 2000 calories for the day, with minimal Fats being ingested ~20%, so the bulk of my calories coming from Proteins and Carbs ~ 80%

I didn't do any weights this day as I wanted to rest my body and muscles for the shoot tomorrow and get a better pump-up before the shoot. Instead what I did in the gym was 15 mins on the stairmaster without holding onto the side rails which anyone rarely does but mimicks real life stair climbing - its very hard on your quads constantly carrying your bodyweight. I then did just under 10 mins on the spin bike HIIT style, and finished off Fridays gym session with a fast 1K on an incline treadmill. In between the different cardio exercises I trained abs for 5-10mins to catch my breath and work out the abs one last time before the shoot the next day.

The only other exercise I did today was a 30-40 mins light walk after work - in the heat also which was nice and rare here in Ireland.. topped up the tan and burnt calories, winner winner!

That evening for food I had; tuna, protein shakes and some carbs in the form of rice cakes to finish off my macros for the day.

I increased my Vitamin C intake also the past couple of evenings up to 2-4g before bed (chewable tablets each 1g), reduced my water intake (3L on Wed, 2L on Thurs and 1L on Fri) and included a glass of red wine on the Friday night before bed - all of this was to use techniques for diuretics to try and get myself in a more vascular/dry state to look 'leaner' by removing some of the excess water that sits under your skin.

I will do another blog post on the actual day of the shoot itself to let you all know how it went and the things I ate the morning of the shoot to try and fill out but keep that lean look.

Post photoshoot the plans are to gradually increase calories again (reverse diet) up to a level where I can build muscle, get stronger and put on minimal fat. Really putting on weight and losing weight you should be eating the same nutrient dense foods but just either more or less of them depending on your goal, the problem is people throw the word bulking around as an excuse to eat everything and anything to justify their poor food choices which are then reflected in their body composition.

You should be strict in the food choices you make as ultimately it determines how you look, feel and perform - mentally and physically.


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